About Us

Our Executive Chairman, Mr. Eddie Khoo, possesses vast knowledge and has more than 30 years of experience in both the seafood and meat industries. A team of management personnel who possess vast experiences in their respective fields currently assists him. Besides being conversant in the English and Chinese languages, we also have personnel who can converse in other languages like Russian.

OTF Mission Statement

To be a fully integrated food company providing the highest quality food and value added services to our partners and customers. Our goal is to build our business on honesty, integrity and to provide quality products at fair prices.

OTF Story

Leveraging on his vast years of trading experiences in seafood and meat products, Mr Eddie Khoo founded the company together with 2 other partners, Oceantrade Foods Pte Ltd in August 2001 . At the age of 40, he heeded the government’s call for more Singaporeans to go global and be entrepreneurs. Over the years, he has managed to forge business links with numerous counterparts from Russia, Brazil, Korea, Japan, and China. This has also enabled him to identify and focus on 2 core businesses:

  • Marketing of Seafood and Management of Fishing Vessels

    The company manages fishing vessels in Russia, working closely with ship owners and providing them with up-to-date market situational analysis so as to maximise output. We also provide supplies for the vessels such as bunkers, spare parts, machinery, food, and packaging material. We customise our product range accordingly in order to cater to international market demands. Quality control specialists are on board the vessels to ensure the strictest level of quality control. Reefer vessels are chartered to transport the fresh fish products directly from the fishing grounds to our customers. At our Dalian office, we work closely with shore based seafood processors in China. We also work closely with the Chinese seafood importers by providing them the right products for sales to the Chinese domestic markets. The company markets the produce of these vessels and processors to the international markets, with a sound customer base in China, Korea, Japan, Europe & the United States. Products we handle include Alaska Pollock, Pacific & Atlantic Cod, Flounder, Halibut, Herring, Saury, Red Fish, Wild Salmon, Pollack roe, Salmon roe, Herring roe, Sashimi Shrimp, Scallop and White fishmeal. With the change in political scene in Russia, the vessel management has significantly reduced. Nevertheless, with the years of networking, Many other Russian Related business have been developed including the supplies of Construction Equipment and heavy machineries.

  • Meat Agency and Trading

    The company represents several Brazilian, Chinese, European and USA producers in the sales and marketing of pork, poultry and beef products in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. As the appointed agent, we provide market research services to our principal companies to enable them to adopt the appropriate strategies for the different markets. Through our subsidiary, BH Fresh Food Pte Ltd, where we have our own meat processing and cold storage facilities, we distribute imported frozen meat products to the Singapore market.

    Regardless on achievements, Oceantrade Foods continues expanding its businesses acquiring and developing partnership with other companies such as Fragrance Foodstuff Pte Ltd. and Fragrance China Pte Ltd who manufactures and retail barbequed meats and PWG Genetics Pte Ltd., which is a company that produces, develops and breeds genetically modified micro-pigs for scientific research.


We represent more than 18 packers in marketing of their meat products for Singapore and S.E.A.

BH FRESH Food Pte Ltd

BH Fresh Food is a subsidiary and a member of the Oceantrade Group. BH Fresh Food owns a Factory at Chin Bee Crescent where they processes meat into cubes, mince or slices. They also have a central kitchen where they produces Ready to eat products for Hotel & restaurants like stew, soup, BBQ ribs etc . The Central Kitchen also produce these products that are retailed in their Mmmm! Chain of specialty shop.

Meat Processing Room

BBQ Meat

Fragrance food stuff is a sister company where Oceantrade invested in 2007. With their years of International marketing experience, Oceantrade assisted the Management of Fragrance Foodstuff to expand their retail reach thereby bringing the household name to greater heights. They are now available in Malaysia and soon in other part of the world.

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